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  • Ideal for large volume printing
  • Works with designs that have less than 6 colours
  • Ideal for large printed areas.
  • Works well T-shirts, Hoodies, Crews, Singlets, Track Pants
  • For Smaller print jobs or a full colour pallete try Digital Printing


Stahls have been fabric printers for the last 15 years. Our factory utilizes a state of the art M&R automatic carousel enabling us to undertake the smallest of jobs through to large wholesale runs at very competitive prices. The M&R can run Ten garments in a single round or multiple rounds dependant on the amount of print colours. This will mean we can provide a much improved quality service with a far quicker turn-around time. For Team Wear, School Wear, Corporate Wear or any General Wear. Our automatic machine can print upto 6 Colours. With Multiple platen sizes we can print on various areas and sizes of Garments including their sleeves.

With the use of a meshed screen, your graphics are printed direct onto the garments. Each Color of your design is printed separately using individual screens therefore resulting in a single or multicolored print. Our maximum print area is 350mm Wide x 380mm High/ Deep. Most Dark Coloured garments being printed with lighter colours will need to have a white base to allow the colour to stand out, this white base is usually choked behind the image so that it is not visible on the garment. Some light Garments with darker colours also need a white base however, this is not always the case.


It is quite a process to make a screen. Every colour for a design requires a separate screen so a set-up cost may apply per colour. Vectored artwork is by far the best and easiest artwork to work with. Check our design and artwork specs on the link below.


Price is dependent on the quantity of garments being printed and number of colours used. If you are printing bright colours onto dark garments you may also need a white undercoat and this counts as an extra colour. The bigger the volume the cheaper the cost per garment is.


Got a question? You can call us now on 09 838 8046, email sales@stahls.co.nz or fill in the quote form for more information.


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